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Maintain Platform Subaccounts and SAP Web IDE Permissions

Create a subaccount in a SAP Cloud Platform global account and give permission to access SAP Web IDE to dedicated users.
You will learn
  • How to create a subaccount
  • How to give users the permission to enter SAP Web IDE


  • Authorization: Your user needs access to your SAP Cloud Platform global account in the Neo environment.

Additional Information

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release (tutorial’s last update): 1902
  • Step 1

    Enter SAP Cloud Platform and select your global account.

    Enter SAP Cloud Platform global account

    Choose one of the two options to navigate from global account’s overview to its subaccounts.
    One option is the Subaccounts point in the left hand side menu the other option is the link below the count of subaccounts within the Info part of the global account’s overview area.

    Enter SAP Cloud Platform global account’s subaccounts
  • Step 2

    Click New Subaccount.

    Press “New Subaccount” button

    A pop up opens.

    Enter following data.

    Field label Field value
    Provider SAP

    Click Create.

    Add display name to subaccount
  • Step 3

    Now your new subaccount will be shown and you can enter it by clicking its tile.

    Click new subaccount’s tile
  • Step 4

    Go to Services, search for SAP Web IDE and select it.

    Search for SAP Web IDE

    Enable the Web IDE service for this subaccount.

    Enable SAP Web IDE
  • Step 5

    Click Configure Service inside Web IDE service’s overview.

    Configure Web IDE service
  • Step 6

    To enable users to work with Web IDE you have to explicitly assign the DiDeveloper Role to each of them.

    1. Go to Roles
    2. Select DiDeveloper Role
    3. Press Assign in the role’s section for individual users. A pop up opens.
    4. Enter the required User’s ID
    5. Press Assign in the pop up
    Give SAP Web IDE access to a user

    With the next session the added user will have the permission to enter SAP Web IDE.

  • Step 7

    Which roles enable a user to open Web IDE?

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