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Mobile development kit

/* Mobile development kit */

Mobile development kit is a feature in SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, it is a metadata-driven tool that allows users to customize native SAP applications, as well as rapidly create new native mobile applications. Mobile development kit uses SAP Web IDE Full-Stack and the SAP Cloud Platform to enable you to customize, deploy, and manage mobile apps in the cloud. Check this video for more technical overview. 

Download Mobile development kit client

Here are links you can download Mobile development kit client from.

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Setup Environment

Learn how to setup basic environment for Mobile development kit. 

Setup Editor in SAP Web IDE

Learn how to setup Mobile development kit editor in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack. 

Watch this video

Setup MDK client

Learn how to setup a mobile development kit client. 

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Create a Product List page

Learn how you can create a mobile page for your MDK application.

Create a Product Detail page

Learn how you can create a Product List page that navigates from Product list page. 

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