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General FAQ for SAP Mobile Interactive Tutorials

What Browsers are supported
We recommend using the current version Chrome, Firefox or Safari for the full experience. Other browser and older versions might not support the full feature set of the SAP Mobile Interactive Tutorials.
How have the SAP Mobile Interactive Tutorials been created?
The embedded tutorials have been created by using SAP Enable Now which is a commercial end-to-end suite of tools designed to collaboratively create and deliver any kind of learning and user assistance content. The tool is also available for SAP customers and partners – further information is provided on the products homepage: Another example of created content can be accessed via the Info Center (registration required)

Android FAQ for the SAP Mobile Interactive Tutorials

When I launch an Mobile Interactive Tutorials on my device, I am asked to set a lock screen PIN
This can safely be ignored: The applications will still work if you hit “Cancel”. However, it is highly recommended that you protect your data by means of the locking mechanisms that your platform provides.
What are the recommended settings for the Android Studio setup?
The SAP Mobile Interactive Tutorials have been tested as they are, and therefore we recommend not to update these project settings.

iOS FAQ for the SAP Mobile Interactive Tutorials

Why are the SAP Mobile Interactive Tutorials HTML5 version not running on the iOS 10 simulator?
The SAP Mobile Platform SDKs works fine on an iOS 10 device and all Apps build with our SDK will work. The HTML5/iOS version of Mobile Interactive Tutorials are using Cordova as a wrapper for the HTML5. The Cordova container has issues with the iOS 10 simulator which result in some features of our SDK not working. Therefore, we recommend for development with the simulator to switch to iOS 9.x.
Why is there no tutorial for Push for iOS?
Due to the way Apple Push is working SAP cannot set up central service to provide Push messages to Apps which have been built by unknown developers. The plan is to provide an advanced Tutorial in the future where all steps to how to implement and test Push on iOS are shown.
The Android tutorial will explain all the basics how to get it to work on the HTML5 on the client side. 
Why do the samples for the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS only support simulator?
The sample projects one can download only contain the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS framework for the simulator. If you want to run them on a device download the latest version of the SDK from the SAP store and exchange the Framworks with the ones for the device.
Get help with the SAP Mobile Platform SDK in the SAP Community, or Ask a Question
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