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Create cards from any Web Application


Proficiency: Intermediate


You will learn

After completing the prerequisite steps, follow the interactive tutorial. This tutorial will guide you to push content from a web application to SAP Mobile Card via a Default card.
The Default cards allow you to mobilize content which the user can push from any system. For this you will learn the key java script code needed to embed this in your webpage. And how to design a card so that it can show the content the user collected online. The default cards will update accordingly in the background so that the cards are always up to date.

Real World Use Case:

A company wants to enable their Sales team to have the latest information about certain products on the road with them. Each salesperson should be able to decide on when and what products he or she wants to have on the mobile device. The salesperson can do this by sending the selected product from a webpage to the mobile device. From this point on the product will be on the mobile device offline available and the details to the product will update in the background. So that the data on the mobile device is always up to date.

Time to Complete

30 min

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Next Steps

Now that you have completed a Intermediate tutorial, move on to the next Intermediate tutorials to gain a more detailed understanding of mobile card kit.


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