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How to create content actions card


Proficiency: Intermediate


You will learn

After completing the prerequisite steps, follow the interactive tutorial. This tutorial will guide you implement the Card with content-based Actions. Content-based Actions allow users to trigger a phone call, send an email, open maps app or launch a website with more details from a card. At the end of this tutorial you can enable cards to trigger any of the content-based actions from a card. This allows you to enable mobile device capabilities from a card.

Real World Use Case:

A Company wants to mobilize a paper-based process of customer tickets a service technician has to work on a day. With content-based actions enabled on a card the technician can launch the maps application on the device with the customer address to help him to find the customer. The content-based card allows him to call the customer with a single click.

Time to Complete

20 min

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