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How to use Automatic Instance Cards


Proficiency: Intermediate


You will learn

After completing the prerequisite steps, follow the interactive tutorial. This tutorial will guide you implement the Card Type of Automatic Instance Generation. At the end you will download it to your SAP Mobile Cards Application.
The Automatic Instance Generation Card allows you to generate multiple cards for a result set. For a query that will return ‘n’ results this card type will generate ‘n’ cards and represent each result in a separate card. The cards will update accordingly in the background so that the cards are always up to date.

Real World Use Case:

A company wants to show the last three pay slips to your employee on the mobile device. The query for this solution would ask for the top 3 pay slips sorted by date. With the Automatic Instance Card, this would show three cards with pay slip information. Each card would be one of the last three month (April, May, June). As soon as the result set changes, this would be when a new pay slip is available, the cards would update. The new month plus the last two months would show (May, June, July).

Time to Complete

20 min

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Next Steps

Now that you have completed the first Intermediate tutorial, move on to the next Intermediate tutorials to gain a detailed understanding on how to implement actions with mobile card kit.


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