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How to create a SAP Mobile Card with Actions


Proficiency: Intermediate


You will learn

After completing the prerequisite steps, follow the interactive tutorial. This tutorial will guide you implement the Card with Actions.
Actions allow users to trigger a REST call from a card. This tutorial will change the status of a Sales Order from the Sample Service. At the end of this tutorial you can change the status from New to APPROVE or REJECT of a sales order. This allows to build simple workflow solutions for the mobile device.

Real World Use Case:

A Company wants to allow Managers to approve sales order on the mobile device. The Action Card could be of type Automatic Instance Card to load all requests in a certain state. So, the query asks for all items of the sales order which need to be approved. Each item of the result set would show as a single card. The manager can now by selecting an action on the Card approve or reject the sales order.

Time to Complete

20 min

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