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IntermediateTutorials for SAP Mobile Cards Kit

Create cards automatically with Automatic Instance Generation

Build upon what you learned in the Basic tutorial. Learn how to create move advanced cards and send them to your SAP Mobile Cards application.

Create cards with Actions like "Approve or Reject"

Learn how to implement actions within a SAP Mobile Card. Using the sample data service we provide, we will connect to a system and show how you can add an action to APPROVE or REJECT a sales order.

Create cards from any web applications

Learn how to share content from any Web application to SAP Mobile Cards

mobilize Unified Inbox

Learn to mobilize the Unified Inbox with SAP Mobile Cards.

Create content actions card

Learn how to create a card with having various actions on it's content e.g. trigger a phone call, send an email, open maps app or launch a website with more details.

Handlebar Helpers Card

Learn how to add logic into a card to enhance the visual representation of a card.

Create a SAP Mobile chart card

Learn how to embed a chart into a card and visualize a large amount of data point to a user.

Next Steps

More tutorials will follow in the near future.
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