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Creating a GitHub organization and adding collaborators

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Creating a GitHub organization and adding collaborators
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Creating a GitHub organization and adding collaborators


Collaborative Development Using GitHub and SAP Web IDE

You will learn

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an organization in GitHub and add collaborators.

  1. Go to GitHub

  2. Click on Sign In, enter your account credentials and click on Sign in.

  3. Click on the + icon on the top-right corner and click on New Repository.

    Create New Repository
  4. Enter the organization name, billing email and click on Create an Organization.

    Create New Organization

a. Invite collaborators to the organization by entering their email id/GitHub username. Do ensure the collaborator has a GitHub account else the person will not be added as a collaborator. Click on Finish once done.

![Search for collaborators](p1_5a.png)

b. If you already have an organization click on the Organization name under the profile.

![Select an organization](p1_5b.png)

c. Click on **Invite someone**.

![Invite to organization](p1_5c.png)

d. And enter their GitHub username or email.

![enter github username](p1_5d.png)
  1. Click on the appropriate role for the collaborator being added and then click on Send Invitation.

    Select a role for collaborator
  2. The collaborator will receive an email, follow the link on the email to accept invite.

    Join the organization
  3. Click on Join and now the organization will have the collaborator added!

Next Steps

Next Steps

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