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Set Up Cloud Foundry and Web IDE

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Set Up Cloud Foundry and Web IDE
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Set Up Cloud Foundry and Web IDE


Get a new Cloud Foundry trial account and set up SAP Web IDE Full Stack for development

You will learn

  • Get a new SAP Cloud Foundry trial account
  • Setup SAP Web IDE Full Stack
  • Connect SAP Web IDE to Cloud Foundry

Step 1: Log into SAP Cloud Platform

Start by logging into SAP Cloud Platform.

If you don’t have an account on SAP Cloud Platform yet, go to the Get a Free Trial Account on SAP Cloud Platform tutorial, and then come back to this step.

Log onto SAP Cloud Platform
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Step 2: Select account type

The opening screen will appear. Choose Cloud Foundry Trial as the type of account.

Click the Cloud Foundry Trial button
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Step 3: Select region for trial account

Clicking on the Cloud Foundry trial link will bring up the Start Cloud Foundry Trial dialog box. Choose one of regions from this list.

Each Cloud Foundry region has a different list of available services. If you want to use a different region with a particular service, check to be certain it has the services you want before selecting it.

You will then see a dialog box while the account is set up. When complete, the dialog box will look like this. Click Go To Space to continue.

Dialog setting up space
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Step 4: Open the SAP Web IDE Full Stack

The next step is to open the SAP Web IDE Full Stack.

  1. Open a new tab in to the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit. Then click on the Neo Trial link.

  2. Next, go to the Services link on the left side of the screen.

    services location on SAP CP Home pageservices page on SAP CP
Is the SAP Web IDE full stack in the Neo trial, or the Cloud Foundry trial?
Step 5: Find SAP Web IDE Full-Stack

On the Service catalog, search for Web IDE.

search on SCP services page

Select the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack service.

sap web ide full-stack version
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Step 6: Enable the service

Once the service page loads, Enable the service. This may take a few minutes.

enable feature button for web ide

Wait for the status to change to the green, Enabled status.

green enabled status icon
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Step 7: Open the SAP Web IDE

Once the service is enabled, click the Go to Service link. This will open the new, full-stack version of SAP Web IDE.

go to service link location for web ide
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Step 8: Enable a Cloud Foundry workspace

Finally, you will need to connect SAP Web IDE to your Cloud Foundry trial account.

This can also be configured in the Preferences pane.

Click on the Cloud Foundry option under Workspace Preferences.

cloud foundry preference highlighted

Start by selecting the API Endpoint of the Cloud Foundry space you configured earlier.

cloud foundry page with API Endpoint highlighted

When you select an endpoint, you may be prompted with a login box. If so, enter your email address associated with your SAP Cloud Platform account and password for your SAP Cloud Platform account. Click Log On.

cloud foundry log in dialog box

Once you successfully log in, if you have a space configured, it will automatically populate the Organization and Space fields. If you wish to use a different space, you can update it now.

cloud foundry preferences filled in

Make sure to save to keep your Cloud Foundry space preferences.

When working on applications, you may get an error about not having a builder for the space. If you need to install a builder, click Install Builder on this page and then Save.

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