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Configure an SAP Web IDE project for hybrid builds

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Configure an SAP Web IDE project for hybrid builds
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Configure an SAP Web IDE project for hybrid builds


Learn how to modify the Device Configurations settings of a mobile web project for a hybrid build

You will learn

In this tutorial, set the target device configurations in SAP Web IDE which will be used when the project is compiled by the Hybrid App Toolkit.

Step 1: Open SAP Web IDE

Open SAP Web IDE in a browser window.

Step 2: Open project settings

Right-click on the northwind project folder and select Project Settings

Project settings
Step 3: Edit device configuration

Select Device Configuration in the Project Settings window.

Project settings

In the Application section, fill in the information shown below.

Field Name Value
App Name Northwind
App ID  com.northwind.hybrid
Description  hybrid version of northwind web app
Version 1.0.0

Note: The App ID field here must match the string you entered for Application ID when creating the HCPms application.

Step 4: Configure build options

In the Build Options section, click the radio button for Release Mode.

In the Platforms section, select the options applicable for your development machine:
- Windows: Android
- Mac OS: iOS or Android

Step 5: Configure plug-ins

In the Plugins section, you specify the plugins the application will use.  For this exercise, do not check any of the standard Cordova plugins. Click the Kapsel tab, and select Logon Manager.

After selecting Logon Manager, the plugins section will update to allow you to select the type of server the app will connect to. Click the radio button next to SAP Cloud Platform mobile services and ensure your HCPms Host URL is correct.

Note: Do not use the hcpmsadmin-pxxxxxxxxx form of the URL here.

Step 6: Save and close

Leave the Preferences section unchanged, click Save and then Close.

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