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Register for Your Microsoft Account

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Register for Your Microsoft Account
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Register for Your Microsoft Account


5 min.
Go through the registration process for a new Microsoft account.

You will learn

  • How to sign up for a free Microsoft account, which you need later to use Microsoft APIs

Step 1: Create a new Microsoft account

Go to and click Create one to create a new account.

create a new account

Enter an existing mail address and click Next.

enter your mail

In the following step choose a password for your account and click Next.

You will now be asked to provide your first and last name.

first and last name

Afterwards, provide information about your country and enter your date of birth, and then click Next.

birthday and region information
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Step 2: Verify your mail account

Microsoft sends a verification code to the mail address you provided in the beginning.

Enter this code and proceed with Next.

Log on to answer question
Step 3: Add security information

Microsoft also asks you to add a phone number. You will, for instance, get notified when somebody tries to modify the account.

Enter a phone number and click Send Code. You should receive another verification code on your phone.

security information

You are now done with the registration for an Microsoft account.

registration portal

Copy the URL of your Application Registration Portal ( and paste it in the text field below.


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