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Loading sample data using Apache Zeppelin

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Loading sample data using Apache Zeppelin
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Loading sample data using Apache Zeppelin

You will use Apache Zeppelin to create tables and load sample data from files already created in HDFS in SAP Vora, developer edition, on CAL.

You will learn

You will learn how to open Apache Zeppelin and how to load sample data.

  1. Apache Zeppelin is a web-based notebook that enables interactive data analytics. It is Apache Licensed open-source software.

    You can make beautiful data-driven, interactive and collaborative documents using variety of languages. Its interpreter concept allows any language/data-processing-backend to be plugged into Zeppelin.

    SAP Vora provides its own %vora interpreter, which allows Spark/Vora features to be used from Zeppelin. Zeppelin allows queries to be written directly in Spark SQL (that is, without the need for any Scala, Python, or R glue code).

  2. SAP Vora, developer edition, on CAL comes with Apache Zeppelin pre-installed. Similar to opening Apache Ambari to open Zeppelin web UI click on Connect in your SAP Vora instance in CAL, and then pick Open a link for Application: Zeppelin.

    The port of Zeppelin web UI has been preconfigured for you in the SAP Vora, developer edition, in CAL. As well its port has been opened as one of the default Access Points. As you might remember it translates into the appropriate inbound rule in the corresponding AWS’s security group.

    Opening Apache Zeppelin from CAL cockpit
  3. Once Zeppelin opens up in a new browser window, check it is Connected and if yes, then click on 0_DemoData notebook.

    Status “Disconnected” may be caused by network firewalls, i.e. when you connect to public host on the port not allowed by your corporate network. Try to connect to Zeppelin from public network then.

    Opening 0_DemoData notebook
  4. The 0_DemoData notebook will open up. Now you can click on Run all paragraphs button on top of the page to create tables in SAP Vora using data from the existing HDFS files preloaded on the instance in CAL. These are the tables you will need as well later in exercises.

    A dialog window will pop up asking you to confirm to Run all paragraphs? Click OK

    Running all statements from 0_DemoData notebook
  5. After all statements are finished you should see the interpreter’s comment as “Command processed successfully with no results” for all paragraphs.

    All statements executed in 0_DemoData notebook

    The last statement should show you all tables created.

    All tables created

Next Steps

Next Steps

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