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Enable the Script Server in SAP HANA, express edition
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Enable the Script Server in SAP HANA, express edition


Connect to the system database and enable the script server

You will learn

  • How to enable the script server in a tenant database from the System database in SAP HANA, express edition
  • How to fix the error No ScriptServer available. See SAPNote 1650957 for further information. while executing some advanced analytic functions

The script server is an auxiliary SAP HANA server that is required to execute complex and performance-intensive procedures. It helps maintaining the main server stable during these operations.

Step 1: Log in to a SQL console

You can use the command-line SQL console embedded in the SAP HANA, express edition, virtual machine.

As user hxeadm, log in to the system database:

hdbsql -i 90 -d systemdb -u SYSTEM

When prompted, use the password for SYSTEM.

Log in to hdbsql

Note: You can also perform this from the database explorer if you are using the full image of SAP HANA, express edition that includes XS Advanced applications.

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Step 2: Enable the script server

Execute the following SQL statement to enable the script server

ALTER DATABASE HXE ADD 'scriptserver';
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