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Enable SAP Web IDE for S/4HANA system via OAuth

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Enable SAP Web IDE for S/4HANA system via OAuth
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Enable SAP Web IDE for S/4HANA system via OAuth


Enable SAP Cloud Platform development with SAP Web IDE (`SAP_COM_0013`) for an S/4HANA system, using OAuth authentication.

You will learn

  • How to create a communication arrangement for SAP Web IDE scenario SAP_COM_0013
  • How to create a HTTP destination
  • How to create a UI project

You will learn how to enable SAP Cloud Platform development with SAP Web IDE against a specific S/4HANA system via OAuth authentication. You will see that communication arrangement for SAP Web IDE scenario SAP_COM_0013 in S/4HANA will expose essential services, that SAP Web IDE needs. SAP Cloud Platform subaccount will get a destination which holds data for the connection and OAuth communication with the S/4HANA system. At the end you will see in SAP Web IDE a list of services that you can theoretically build extensions on.

Step 1: Open communication arrangements application

Navigate to Communication Arrangements tile to start the application.

Open communication arrangements application
Step 2: Create new communication arrangement

Click New to create a new communication arrangement.

Create new communication arrangement
Step 3: Select scenario

Select SAP_COM_0013 as scenario, rename your arrangement name and click Create.

Select <code>SAP_COM_0013</code>as scenario
Step 4: Add communication system

Add your communication system to your communication arrangement. Select SCP_DEV with OAuth2.0 as communication system. Be sure that your service status of your launch SAP Web IDE is activated and click Save.

Add communication system
Step 5: Check data

Now following should be listed:

Check data
Step 6: Create HTTP destination

Enter the SAP Cloud Platform account as an administrator. Switch to Destinations and click New Destination.

Create HTTP destination
Step 7: Set destination data

Enter following data to your destination:

Name Name of your destination
Description Description of your destination
URL URL of your S/4HANA Cloud System (with -api)
Proxy Type Internet
Authentication OAuth2SAMLBearerAssertion
Audience URL of your S/4HANA Cloud System (without -api)
Client Key Equals your communication user
Token Service User Equals your communication user
Token Service Password Password of your communication user
Set destination data

Token service URL will be explained in the next step.

Step 8: Define token service URL

Token service URL - This consists of 2 parts:

<URL_of_your_S4HANA_Cloud_System> with –api


Step 9: Enter additional properties

Add additional properties:

authnContextClassRef urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:ac:classes:X509
TrustAll true
WEBIDEEnabled true
WebIDEUsage odata_abap,ui5_execute_abap,dev_abap

Save your changes.

Step 10: Search SAP Web IDE

Go to Services, search for SAP Web IDE and select it on your SAP Cloud Platform account.

Open SAP Web IDE

Click Go to Service to open SAP Web IDE.

View service catalog
Step 11: Select new project

Select New Project from Template to generate one.

Select new project

If you don’t see this welcome page then follow the alternative way:
File -> New -> Project from Template

Step 12: Create UI project

Choose List Report Application and click Next to create a new UI.

Choose the list report application
Step 13: Enter basic information

Enter Bonusplan as project name and title.

Enter <code>Bonusplan</code>

Click Next.

Step 14: Select service

Click Service Catalog and select SAP_DEV_SYSTEM as service.

Select <code>SAP_DEV_SYSTEM</code> as service

Now you can see a list of all services. You learn the importance of a scope. By adding the scope to your destination you are allowed to see the list of all services. But if you try to select any service, you’ll get an error message. To create your UI project, you have to add a further definition to your scope.

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