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Changing Code in a Plugin
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Changing Code in a Plugin

In this tutorial, you will change some of the code in a plugin, and see how to configure an API service.

You will learn

  • How to modify i18n strings
  • How to configure an API service
  • How to test a plugin

Step 1: Modify i18n strings

In the workspace, go to coolproject > client > coolplugin > i18n and double-click the file, change the following strings and click Save.

Old Value New Value
command_helloworld Welcome
commandgroup_sample Greetings

Modify i18n strings

Step 2: Change menu by configuring an API service

In the workspace, go to coolproject > client > coolplugin and double-click the plugin.json file, Change all occurrences of tools to edit then click Save.

Modify i18n strings
Step 3: Test the plugin

In the Workspace, right-click the plugin.json file and choose Run* > Run As Plugin. SAP Web IDE opens in a new browser tab called Debug Mode.

You can open the same dialog as in the previous tutorial, but now the menu item is located in the Edit menu and is called Greetings > Welcome.

Next Steps

Next Steps

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