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Stelo Plug-in for SAP Web IDE by Arch

Stelo is an SAP Fiori-compliant app generator that accelerates the delivery of custom apps. Developers can use the Stelo plug-in for SAP Web IDE with its single, standard SAP Gateway service and powerful processing engine to create and manage SAP Fiori-compliant apps.

The Stelo plug-in from Arch automatically generates SAP Fiori-compliant apps based on the definition configured in the Stelo server. Multiple pre-built templates are available for apps, along with myriad features such as attachments and the ability to save to draft. Once an app is generated, developers can continue to tailor the look and feel, adding more front-end logic and using the capabilities of SAPUI5.

Rather than building individual SAP Gateway services for each app, all app data is managed via a single pre-delivered service, even attachments. There is no need to develop a suite of custom SAP Gateway services to support SAP Fiori apps.

Stelo also includes a process integration layer, which enables the business processes underlying SAP Fiori apps to be modelled easily. It is configuration-driven to accelerate development, and provides the flexibility to incorporate complex business logic. Two of the key features include workflow definition for multi-step processes and centralized control for all SAP updates.

Key Technical Capabilities

  • Stelo automatically generates custom SAP Fiori-compliant apps
  • A single pre-delivered SAP Gateway service manages all communication
  • Any processes can be easily defined and managed, whether simple or complex

Architectural diagram/Data Flow Chart

Stelo is installed on the target SAP system as an SAP add-on. A number of pre-delivered SAP Gateway services are activated to support communication with both out-of-the-box apps and any Stelo-generated apps. The Stelo HR launcher is an optional component that can be accessed by the apps.

The Stelo plug-in is hosted by Arch in the cloud, and accessed directly from within SAP Web IDE. Stelo-generated apps are deployed to the SAP Fiori launchpad as per any standard library app or custom app.

flow chart

Screen shots

Stelo Wizard – configuring your app layout

Stelo Wizard

What does a Stelo app look like as soon as auto-generation is finished?

finished stelo app

What does a Stelo app look like only a few hours after auto-generation?

stelo auto

Stelo Dashboard – manage your app processes

stelo dash

Design-time: Stelo Wizard

design wizard

Run-time: Stelo Dashboard


Run-time: Stelo Inbox

runtime inbox

Run-time: Stelo for FactSheets


Run-time: Stelo for Analytics


Run-time: Stelo for Custom Layouts

custom layout1
custom layout2

Technologies Used

SAP NetWeaver


SAP Cloud Platform

SAP HANA Cloud Connector

SAP Gateway





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