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SAP Process Mining by Celonis

SAP Process Mining by Celonis is a cross-industry and cross-process solution (peer-to-peer, order-to-cash, accounting, HR, etc.) that enables optimization of business processes.

SAP Process Mining by Celonis is a solution for monitoring and improving processes, including end-to-end processes that span SAP and non-SAP systems. The technology offers full transparency, so that inefficiencies and bottlenecks are detected using real-time, digital footprints. Users can find and reconstruct digital workflow traces, leading to better operations.

Key Technical Capabilities

  • Automated alerts offer visual information about processes based on actual IT data
  • Highly efficient algorithms can analyze vast amounts of transactional data in real time
  • Users can drill down into processes to get to the root of problems

Architectural diagram / data flow chart

Celonis can integrate data from various source systems. Via SLT, the data is replicated in the SAP HANA platform. Celonis then draws directly on the replicated data in SAP HANA. Celonis runs on a standard application server. Data integration from SAP HANA to the application server works via JDBC. The replicated data on SAP HANA can either be stored in the cloud or on-premise.

system landscape

Screen shots

purchase-to-pay analysis

price changes

conformance overview


PI companion

Technologies Used



Java application server

Javascript on HTML5 and Angular JS

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