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SAPFioriBikes displays publicly available Ford GoBike Stations data using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.  Inspired by the rise of micro-mobility in urban spaces, this project shows alternative means of transportation in the San Francisco-Bay Area.

SAPFioriBikes takes Ford GoBike's public Trip Data and Uber's Bart GeoJSON, so that a rider can easily travel around the San Francisco-Bay Area. By taking BART and GoBikes, people can reduce their carbon footprint, minimize traffic congestion in their neighborhoods, and make their cities more sustainable. In comparison to the Ford GoBike app, this project makes finding a bike more accessible by implementing a native MapKit experience.

For developers trying to find solutions to location-based problems, this project also serves as an example of how to get started developing map-based applications.

Using the FUIMapFloorplanViewController conveniently sets the foundation for creating a map app. Out of the box, common map features are readily available, including: a detail panel, toolbar, legend, settings, and user location button. Developers can add custom geospatial objects (points, lines, and polygons), and use the SAP Fiori components to search, filter, and display detailed content. Drawing directly on an iPad allows developers to create their own geospatial objects and dynamically update the map wherever they take their mobile devices.

Key Technical Capabilities


GoBike station statuses, including number of bikes, eBikes, and docks


Searching and filterting station based on user location


Configurable  panels to display rich object details


Editable geospatial objects by drawing directly on the map

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