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Cavitation Alerts by FogHorn

Cavitation Alerts by FogHorn Systems is a solution that lets equipment manufacturers detect cavitation events (rapid changes in pressure) that can cause damage to their pumps and control valve products installed in their factories and power plants.

Cavitation Alerts is a predictive maintenance solution that helps improve equipment lifespan by helping users to take corrective actions when cavitation occurs.

Architectural diagram / data flow chart

cavitation alerts

Screen Shots



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Key Technical Capabilities

  • Measurements such as inlet and outlet pressure, flow, and temperature are collected from multiple sensors attached to the equipment
  • Vel expressions are used to calculate vapor differentials in real time to detect cavitation formation
  • Technicians receive alerts when they need to increase fluid pressure, flow, or decrease temperature to avoid damage to equipment
  • Technicians can analyze historical data in order to predict cavitation events or schedule maintenance before failure occurs

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