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men in factory

Cavitation Alerts by FogHorn

Cavitation Alerts by FogHorn is a solution for world-wide equipment makers that allows them to detect cavitation events that can cause damage to their pumps and control valve products installed in factories and power plants.

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man in race car

Connected Race Car Dashboard by McCoy-URE

McCoy and Partners has collaborated with University Racing Eindhoven (URE) to create a dashboard which displays real time and analytic sensor data of their racing car.

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man walking in factory

Dommelstroom Mobile by TheNextView B.V.

Dommelstroom is a mobile application that analyzes productivity of small hydroelectric power plants. The app allows users to see the actual data received from the power plant on their mobile devices.

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row of bikes


SAPFioriBikes displays publicly available Ford GoBike Stations data using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. Inspired by the rise of micro-mobility in urban spaces, this project shows alternative means of transportation in the San Francisco-Bay Area.

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SearchYourCloud is a solution to help users who have information stored in many different places — such as cloud stores, email, Enterprise Document Management Systems, and their desktops — securely find and access it quickly with one search.

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man installing solar

Smart Energy Water

Smart Energy Water (SEW) is the number one fastest growing cloud platform provider focused on customer engagement, mobile workforce and big data analytics. SEW's single integrated platform delivers 360 degree view of customer interactions that include billing, usage, efficiency, service requests, outage and much more.

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man in field

Vivaldi Platform by Meteo Protect

Vivaldi is a weather index risk assessment and hedging platform for farmers. The app allows users to select their policy including geo-location and coverage period. It uses SAP HANA to aggregate weather related data, analyze risks, and price the policy.

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Wind Energy Forecasting and Action by FogHorn

Wind Energy Forecasting and Action is a solution that allows renewable energy companies required per government mandate to accurately predict, report and meet power generation over the next 24 hours.

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