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Connecting SAP Web IDE to the Hybrid App Toolkit

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Connecting SAP Web IDE to the Hybrid App Toolkit
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Connecting SAP Web IDE to the Hybrid App Toolkit


Start the Hybrid App Toolkit and test the connection with SAP Web IDE

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In this tutorial, will start the Hybrid App Toolkit Connector and test the communication between it and SAP Web IDE. You must have completed the download and installation process for the Hybrid App Toolkit before starting this section.

Step 1: Start the HAT server

Open a Terminal or command window and navigate to the HAT directory.

Start the HAT server using one of the methods below:

  • On Windows, double-click run.cmd
  • On a Mac, execute the ./ command

Note: On a Mac, you may need to change file permissions sudo chmod +x ./ You may also need to change the owner by running sudo chown –R <your user> . from inside the HAT directory

Step 2: Enter password and check status

Enter your key store password (same password you used when you installed HAT) when prompted. Your terminal/command window will look similar to the picture below if HAT started properly.

HAT server running
Step 3: Open Web IDE for testing

To test the connection between HAT and your Web IDE instance, open Web IDE and select the Web IDE menu option: Tools > Preferences

Select Hybrid Application Toolkit in the left-hand navigation bar and confirm that the Port number shown is the same that HAT is listening on (shown in the output in step 2).

HAT preferences tab
Step 4: Test connection

Click on Test Connection button.  The test results are displayed below the Test Connection button.

HAT test successful
Step 5: Return to main project view

Go back to the main project view in Web IDE by selecting the menu option: Tools > Development.

Step 6: Troubleshooting

If the connection fails, the likely causes are a browser security exception or a misconfiguration. Work through the steps below in order, reload Web IDE and retest the connection after each step.

Determine if you need to add an exception to your browser settings by opening a browser tab to: https://localhost:9010 and follow the prompts needed to add the exception (typically this is to acknowledge the risk, add exception, and confirm exception).

Open the SAP_HAT_local-1.xx.x/config.json file and confirm that the webIdeHosts URL is correct, and the port number and apiKey match what shows up on in the Web IDE preferences view.

"webIdeHosts" : [ "https://webide-<p-numbertrial>" ],
"port" : 9010,
"apiKey" : "X2gr91J4ihu60pN8kwbV7",

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