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Create workflow (part 3), Build a task workflow
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Create workflow (part 3), Build a task workflow


Build a task workflow using SAP Data Hub, trial edition.

You will learn

During this tutorial, you will build a task workflow. This workflow combines both tasks which you created during the previous tutorials into a process which you can schedule (regularly).

Step 1: Create workflow

We assume that you are still in the SAP Data Hub Modeling tools (if not, navigate there via the SAP Data Hub Cockpit and open the project which you created before).

Create a task workflow via the menu New -> Task Workflow. Enter ProcessEventData as Name and press Create.


Now add the EnrichDevices and CalculateStatistics tasks to the workflow via drag and drop. Then connect the two tasks to each other. Afterwards the workflow looks like this:


Use the Activate button to activate the task workflow.

Step 2: Execute workflow

Now execute the task workflow. You can do this via the context menu Execute.


You see the log view. Refresh the log view by clicking Refresh until the status of both task is OK.

Remark: When you look at the EnrichDevices or Customers data set, you will not see any changes compared to the previous two tutorials.

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