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Create a Cloud Foundry Account

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Create a Cloud Foundry Account
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Create a Cloud Foundry Account


Set up a trial account for Cloud Foundry on SAP Cloud Platform.

You will learn

  • How to create a new trial Cloud Foundry account on SAP Cloud platform
  • How to navigate to your sub-account and space
  • Where to find information on three important Cloud Foundry areas: Applications, Service Marketplace, and Routes

Step 1: Log into SAP Cloud Platform

Start by logging into SAP Cloud Platform.

If you don’t have an account on SAP Cloud Platform yet, go to the Get a Free Trial Account on SAP Cloud Platform tutorial, and then come back to this step.

Log onto SAP Cloud Platform
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Step 2: Select account type

The opening screen will appear. Choose Cloud Foundry Trial as the type of account.

Click the Cloud Foundry Trial button
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Step 3: Select region for trial account

Clicking on the Cloud Foundry trial link will bring up the Start Cloud Foundry Trial dialog box. Choose one of regions from this list.

We suggest that you use the Europe (Frankfurt) region.

We suggest the Europe (Frankfurt) region because it has the largest list of services. If you want to use a region closer to you, check to be certain it has the services you want before selecting it.

Choose a nearby region

You will then see a dialog box while the account is set up. When complete, the dialog box will look like this. Click Go To Space to continue.

Dialog setting up space
Are all services for Cloud Foundry available in every Region?
Step 4: Navigate to the Subaccounts page

If you re-enter the cockpit from the screen with both Neo and Cloud Foundry environments listed, you will end up at the Global Account screen.

Don’t see this? When you first create an account, you will go directly to the Space page, so you can skip this step!

The trial account contains one subaccount and space. The details of subaccounts and spaces will be discussed in later tutorials.

For now, click on the trial subaccount.

Select trial Subaccount
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Step 5: Navigate to the Spaces page

Once you are in the Subaccount, there is one more step to access your working area, or Space.

Start by clicking on the Spaces box in the right navigation bar.

Select Spaces from the left navigation bar

Next, click on the dev space box to open your working space.

Click on the dev space to move to the correct space

Now, you should be in the area labeled Space: dev - Applications

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Step 6: Learn about Applications and Service Marketplace tabs

Our final stop in this tutorial are two tabs in the Spaces page: Applications, and Service Marketplace.

The Applications tab is where all of your applications will be listed, and new applications can be added in to your Cloud Foundry runtime environment.

The Applications Tab

The Service Marketplace is where you can find services to attach to any of your applications. These services are provided by SAP Cloud Platform to make it easier to create, and produce, web applications quickly and easily.

Service Marketplace

These areas, and more of the features of Cloud Foundry, will be explained in later tutorials.

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You are now set up to use the Cloud Foundry systems on SAP Cloud Platform.

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