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Create custom UI for S/4HANA on SAP Cloud Platform

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Create custom UI for S/4HANA on SAP Cloud Platform
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Create custom UI for S/4HANA on SAP Cloud Platform


Create a UI on SAP Cloud Platform and deploy it to the S/4HANA system.

You will learn

  • How to modify a UI on SAP Web IDE
  • How to deploy a UI to the SAPUI5 ABAP Repository

This tutorials shows you how to create a new project from template on SAP Web IDE. You learn how to run the list report application and test the UI. You also get to know how to modify an UI and how to deploy it to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository.

Step 1: Search SAP Web IDE

Go to Services, search for SAP Web IDE and select it on your SAP Cloud Platform account.

Open SAP Web IDE

Click Go to Service to open SAP Web IDE.

View service catalog
Step 2: Select new project

Select New Project from Template to generate one.

Select new project

If you don’t see this welcome page then follow the alternative way:
File | New | Project from Template

Step 3: Create UI project

Choose the List Report Application template and click Next to create a new UI.

Create UI project
Step 4: Enter basic information

Enter Bonusplan as the project name and title.

Enter basic information

Click Next.

Step 5: Set data connection

Select your data connection, which you have previously created on your SAP Cloud Platform with your destination. You should choose YY1_BONUSPLAN_CDS as service and click Next.

Set data connection
Step 6: Select annotation

Now choose all annotations in this view and move on with Next.

Select annotation
Step 7: Customize template

Select YY1_BONUSPLAN as OData collection and click Finish.

Customize template
Step 8: Run application

Select Component.js and click the play button to run your application.

Run application
Step 9: Configure application tile data

Open the webapp folder and manifest.json file, and make sure to be in descriptor mode of the editor.

Then go to navigation and add the following information:

Configure application tile data

| Semantic Object | CustomUI |
| Action | Bonusplan_UI |
| Title | Bonusplan |
| Information | Bonusplan (info) |
| Subtitle | Bonusplan |
| Icon | sap-icon://activate |

Click Save.

Step 10: Open UI Adaptation editor

Open the UI Adaptation editor for your project Bonusplan via context menu.

Open UI Adaptation editor
Step 11: Adapt UI

Switch via Adapt UI button to adaptation mode. Click on the marked table and set the visibility to false.

Adapt UI

Save your changes.

Step 12: Deploy UI to S/4HANA system

Select your project Bonusplan and deploy this to S/4HANA system via context menu to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository.

Deploy UI to S/4HANA system
Step 13: Set options for deployment as new application

A wizard opens. Set the destination to your S/4HANA system. Ensure that the UI is deployed as a new application. Click Next.

Set options for deployment as new application
Step 14: Set application name

Choose an application name for your deployment, click Next and Finish.

Set application name
Step 15: Confirm deployment

Confirm your deployment.

Confirm deployment
Step 16: View

Now you should be able to see following:


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