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Build and run a hybrid app with SAP Web IDE and Hybrid App Toolkit

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Build and run a hybrid app with SAP Web IDE and Hybrid App Toolkit
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Build and run a hybrid app with SAP Web IDE and Hybrid App Toolkit


Utilize the Hybrid App Toolkit to build a downloadable hybrid app and run it on a device or simulator

You will learn

When compiled, your Web IDE generated mobile web app will be packaged using the Apache Cordova container along with any Cordova or SAP plug-ins for Cordova you selected in the [hybrid configuration tutorial]. The output will be a binary file for iOS or Android operating systems that you will run on a simulator, emulator or actual device.

Step 1: Open Web IDE console

In SAP Web IDE, view the Console by selecting View > Console.

open console

The Console is displayed in the lower part of the window and can be resized by dragging the top of the frame up or down. The console messages will allow you to monitor the compilation process.

Step 2: Deploy

Right-click on the northwind project folder. Select Deploy > Deploy to local Hybrid App Toolkit.

start deployment

Deployment will start. You can view the progress in the console, and when it is complete you will see the dialog box below. Click OK to close it.

start deployment
Step 3: Run the app in the emulator

To run the hybrid app, right click on the northwind project folder, then select Run > Run on > Android Emulator (or iOS Simulator if you are using a Mac). You can also run it on an Android or iOS device if you prefer.

run on Android Emulator
Step 4: Use test key

At the prompt for the signing key, select Test Key and click OK.
HAT will launch the emulator/simulator and load the app.

Local signing key
Step 5: Register your app

The app will launch on the emulator, simulator or device, and then display the registration screen. Enter your SAP Cloud Platform Username and Password, verify that Secure is enabled, then click on Register.

Field Name Value
Username <your SAP Cloud Platform account without "trial" at the end> e.g. p12345678
Password <your SAP Cloud Platform account password>
Registration screen
Step 6: Choose password

You can enter an App Passcode if you would like. To run the app without a passcode, click Disable Passcode, then click on Submit.

Passcode screen
Step 7: View data

The app will retrieve the data through SAP Cloud Platform mobile services and display the master (list) view.

master view
Step 8: View details

Click on one of the items in the list to view the details page, and scroll down to view the rest of the details. Depending on far you have gotten in the Web IDE tutorials, your screen may look different that shown here.

detail view
Step 9: View data on other tab

If you have implemented a second tab in your app, click it to see the data there.

detail view

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