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Use the database explorer to check the data in your tables
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Use the database explorer to check the data in your tables


You will use the Database Explorer on SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA

You will learn

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Step 1: Check the database explorer

Go into the database explorer using the button in the middle of the left side bar:

DB explorer

You will be asked if you want to add a Database. Click on Yes

Add DB

Choose your container. You will know because it will have your username (XSA_DEV) and the name of our project (in this case, TECHED).

Add DB
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Step 2: Check your data

Once your database container appears, click on the Tables. You will see your entity converted into a run time object.

Explore DB

Right-click on the table and choose Open Data:

Explore DB

You will see the data from the CSV file is now loaded:

Data is now loaded
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Step 3: Check the Select Statement

Click on the SQL button on the top of the data preview

Check the SQL statement

Copy the full SELECT statement into the validation below

Copy the SQL statement

And click on Validate

Step 4: Go back into the Development view

Open a SQL console and leave it open. You will use it in the next step:

Leave a SQL console open

Use the code symbol to go back to the development view:

Go back to the development perspective
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