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Google App Engine Setup

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Google App Engine Setup
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Google App Engine Setup


Setup Google App Engine

You will learn

Setup your first Google App Engine account and application. This tutorial will walk you through the setup of a new project and repository that will become a Node.js application running on Google App Engine.

Step 1: Create a new Project

Your first step after signing into the Google Cloud Platform and creating your account will be to create a new project.

create project

You can name the project whatever you like, in this tutorial the name sapdevs-sample-1 was used.

name project
Step 2: Begin Development
created project

With the project now created and associated with a billing account you are now able to begin development.


In the top left corner select development in the menu.

Step 3: Repository Menu

From the development menu you will need to create a repository for your code.

create repository

In this tutorial the repository was named to match the project name, sapdevs-sample-1

link repository
Step 4: Link Repository

Now that the new repository is created it is still empty. The next step is to link the repository, clone or push code to it.

In this particular case, the choice has been to use the “mirror” option and to accomplish that means that a new repository will need to be created in GitHub or Bitbucket first.

link repository

With this repository created, back in the Google Console you will be able to link the two together.

link account

In this case as the example uses GitHub then the GitHub account is what is linked and then a list of available repositories will be listed.

repository lists

Once successfully linked and mirrored then the initially created content will be available.

linked repository
Step 5: Open Cloud Shell

In the top right you will find the option to launch the Cloud Shell.

cloud shell

From the shell you will need to switch to the src directory.

list and change directory
Step 6: Clone your repository

In the src directory you will now need to clone your repository.

copy your repository git linkcopy your repository git link

git clone xxxxxxxxxx

Once it is cloned you will see the code in your directory.


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