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Configure Your Microsoft Account

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Configure Your Microsoft Account
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Configure Your Microsoft Account


10 min.
Configure your Microsoft account and create an user.

You will learn

  • How to create an mail address

You will configure your recently created Microsoft account and get an email address. This will be needed later to receive and consume some sample data.

Step 1: Go to your Microsoft profile

Copy the URL and paste it into your browser, click Manage how you sign in to Microsoft to navigate to your account configuration.

profile overview

Enter your password and proceed with Sign in.

Choose one of the verification options to generate a verification code.

verification choice

Enter your verification code you received on the channel of your choice and go to the next step via Verify.

enter code
Log on to answer question
Step 2: Create a new mail address

To create a new mail address go to Add email address.

add email address

You can now create your own mail address which will later be used in this mission. Fill in a mail address which you want to have.

create mail adress

Write the name of the created address in the text field below.


Next Steps


  • A Microsoft account
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