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Add a Portal Widget
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Add a Portal Widget


Embed an SAPUI5 OData app -- that searches for supplier details using the ES5 Gateway OData endpoints -- into a site page as a portal widget.

You will learn

  • How to add SAPUI5 applications as embedded widgets into Portal pages
  • How to configure widget settings

In addition to launching applications in full page mode, the ability to embed an application in the site page, offers portal admins more flexibility when designing their portal sites.

In this tutorial, we will add a Portal widget to one of the Supplier Portal pages. The widget allows end users to search the ES5 gateway system for a supplier’s contact details.

Step 1: Add supplier lookup widget to Portal page
  1. From the Portal Admin space, hover over the new Supplier Portal tile and click Edit to open it for edit in the site designer.

    Open site for edit
  2. From the list of pages at the left-side panel, select the Contact Us page to edit it’s content.

  3. Click the bottom white section to expose the section action menu.

  4. Select the + icon item to open the Content Gallery and add widgets to this section

    Open Content Gallery
  5. In the Content Gallery search bar type Supplier Lookup to find the widget you deployed earlier.

  6. Select the widget tile to add it to the section.

    Select Supplier Lookup widget
  7. The Supplier Lookup widget is added to the bottom of the section

    Supplier Lookup widget added
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Step 2: Change section layout
  1. In the Contact Us page, click the bottom white section to expose the section action items.

  2. Click the section Settings icon (2nd from the top).

    Click section settings
  3. In the Layout settings under the list of widgets in this section, drag the Supplier Lookup widget entry and drop it above the Large Icon Links Card widgets entry to rearrange their order on the page.

    Click section settings
  4. Click Save.

The Supplier Lookup widget is now placed as the first widget in the section.

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Step 3: Preview your changes in Supplier Portal
  1. In the Supplier Portal site designer top level menu, click the Preview Icon.

    Click preview icon

    The Supplier Portal runtime is opened in the preview environment in a new browser tab.

  2. Click Contact Our Suppliers in the Supplier Portal site navigation menu to open the page.

    Notice that the new Supplier Lookup widget is rendered in the page.

  3. In the Supplier Lookup widget search bar, enter the search term SAP and click the magnifying glass icon to search for the supplier details.

    Show Site Preview

    The search action performs an OData call on ES5 to search for a supplier contact named SAP

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Step 4: Configure widget settings
  1. Go back to the Contact Us page in the Site Designer.

  2. Click the Supplier Lookup widget to expose it’s action items.

  3. Click the widget settings menu icon.

    Click widget settings icon
  4. In the widget settings dialog, switch to Enable Search Suggestions for the Supplier Lookup widget.

  5. Click Save.

    Save widget settings
  6. Click the Preview icon again to preview the latest changes.

  7. In the site preview, navigate to the Contact Our Suppliers page.

  8. In the Supplier Lookup widget search bar, start typing SAP. Notice that the changes in the widget settings have been applied, and the search bar now suggests a list of relevant suppliers retrieved from the ES5 back-end system.

    Widget Settings applied
What is an SAP Cloud Platform Portal widget?

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