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Creating a New Feature Project

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Creating a New Feature Project
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Creating a New Feature Project

In this tutorial, you will create your first plugin for SAP Web IDE. A plugin is a way to develop new functionality for SAP Web IDE, and one or more plugins are delivered within a SAP Web IDE project called a feature.

You will learn

  • How to create a feature project (which will contain a plugin module)
  • How to add sample code to the plugin
  • How to test the plugin

Step 1: Create a new plugin project

After opening SAP Web IDE, choose File > New > Project from Template.

Create new project from template

Alternatively, you can click the New Project from Template icon on the SAP Web IDE Welcome screen.

Create new project from template (Welcome Screen)
Step 2: Select the feature template

A wizard opens and on the Template Selection screen, choose SAP Web IDE Feature, and then click Next.

If you don’t see the feature template, make sure the Category selector is on Feature and Plugin Development or All categories.

Choose template)

On the Basic Information screen, enter coolproject for the project name, and then choose Next.

Step 3: Customize the plugin

On the Template Customization screen, enter the following information, select the Include sample implementation code checkbox and click Finish.

Field Name Value
Feature Name coolfeature
Feature Description This is a cool feature
Plugin Name coolplugin
Plugin Description This is a cool plugin
Customize template
Step 4: Test the plugin

In the Workspace, right-click the plugin.json file and choose Run > Run As Plugin. SAP Web IDE opens in a new browser tab called Debug Mode.

In the new browser tab, use the plugin by going to the Tools menu and selecting Sample > Hello World. A dialog opens with a message.

Test plugin

Next Steps

Next Steps

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