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Import the OVA

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Import the OVA
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Import the OVA


Import the downloaded Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) file into your hypervisor to begin using SAP HANA 2.0, express edition.

You will learn

You will learn how to import the OVA file into your hypervisor.

This example uses VMware Player as the hypervisor. You can use any supported hypervisor.

Step 1: Open an existing virtual machine

Start VMware Player and select Open a Virtual Machine.

Step 2: Open the OVA file

The OVA file name is either hxexsa.ova or hxe.ova depending on which VM image you downloaded in the previous tutorial.


Browse to the OVA file you downloaded and click Open.

The Import Virtual Machine dialog box displays.

Step 3: Import the VM

Accept the defaults and click Import. The VM imports.


The import process takes approximately 5 minutes for hxe.ova.

The import process takes approximately 5-10 minutes for hxexsa.ova.

Step 4: Power on your VM

Click Play Virtual Machine.


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