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Internet of Things (IoT) Posting data with a REST Client

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Internet of Things (IoT) Posting data with a REST Client
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Internet of Things (IoT) Posting data with a REST Client


Part 3 of 10, Use a standard HTTP Client to post data to your SAP HANA tables

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Now that your foundation in place it’s time to do a test of posting our data and then to try it with our device. To test you will be using the Chrome Postman extension.

Step 1: Install Postman

If you haven’t done so, please install Postman now.

Step 2: Test using Postman

You will now use Postman to do a quick test. Open Postman and enter the parameters below. Be sure to modify the URL with the correct IP address and name you gave your schema.

Field Content
Request Type POST
URL to xsodata service
Step 3: Enter content type

Click on the Headers tab and enter Content-Type for the header, and application/json for its value.

Header definition
Step 4: Select authorization

Click on the Authorization tab, select Basic Auth, enter the values below and click Update Request.

User Login
Step 5: Enter body content

Click on the Body tab, select the raw radio button and JSON (application/json) from the pulldown menu. Enter the text below as the body content.

{"ID":"0", "TEMPERATURE":"22.09", "HUMIDITY":"45.47", "BRIGHTNESS":"27"}

JSON value
Step 6: Send request

Click Send. If it is successful, you will get a 201 Created response back indicating a successful entry, and you should skip to step 8. If you get an error, see step 7.

JSON Result
Step 7: Correct errors

If you get an error: Request execution failed due to missing or invalid XSRF token, this is a cross site scripting errors. To correct that, you need to modify the .xsaccess and change prevent_xsrf: true to prevent_xsrf: false and save. You might also notice just a 403 error and if you are sure everything else is correct then check this as well.

.xsaccess definition

Send the POST request again, and you should get a 201 response.

Step 8: Optionally send more requests

You can modify the values in the POST body and send a few more requests to add a bit more data if you’d like (but it is not required).

Next Steps

Next Steps

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