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The SAP Developer Advocates’ mission is to help developers be successful. We do that by engaging with the community, and creating and presenting content designed to help developers discover, understand and adopt SAP technologies.

Our aim is to maintain communications in both directions, to understand what developers need to know, listen to what developers have to say, and represent what we hear back into SAP product development.

Rich Heilman

Rich Heilman

Rich Heilman is a Developer Advocate with the SAP Global Developer and Community Relations team at SAP. In this role, Rich focuses on developer outreach and technology adoption for both the ABAP development and SAP HANA development topics.


thomas jung

Thomas Jung

Thomas is the Head of SAP Developer Advocacy. He has a broad focus on the developer experience in general but has a background and special interest in the ABAP, SAP HANA, and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model topics particularly as they pertain to application extensions.

Antonio Maradiaga

Antonio Maradiaga

As a Developer Advocate, Antonio looks after integration topics, e.g. APIs, Enterprise Integration and SAP Integration Suite. He enjoys exchanging ideas with developers, customers and partners on how to extend and integrate their SAP products using SAP BTP. Always learning, always exploring.

dj adams

DJ Adams

DJ focuses on integration and extension topics on the SAP Business Technology Platform. He runs a regular live-stream on the SAP Developers “Hands-on SAP Dev” show and enjoys sharing his curiosity on many SAP development topics. He read Classics at university, has worked on SAP systems since 1987, co-created the SAP Community, and is a lifelong learner.



Kevin Muessig

Kevin focuses on mobile technologies and SAP Business Technology Platform cross-architectural topics showing how end-to-end development can work. His focus is on bringing the value of SAP BTP and cloud native technologies to developers around the world. When not thinking about the next great use case, he loves to make music and do rock climbing.


nico white

Nico Geburek

Nico focuses on web development technologies and is interested in all things SAP Business Technology Platform. Before joining the team, he studied Psychology and therefore likes to focus on the user as well as the developer experience. In contrast to that, he likes to make his own life harder by trying to master the game of Golf.


nora von thenen

Nora von Thenen

As a Developer Advocate focused on SAP AI Business Services, AI Core and other machine learning technologies at SAP, Nora works on making artificial intelligence more tangible for developers and SAP customers.



Josh Bentley

Developer Advocate focused on the SAP Business Technology Platform and other tech like mobile and open source. Helping companies solve business problems by connecting developers with the code they want to use.


Mamikee Kanneh

Mamikee is a Developer Advocate with SAP Global Developer and Community Relations team. She focuses on the developer learning experience for emerging developers starting with those first learning ABAP. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and cooking.


Daniel Wroblewski

Daniel focuses on low-code, no-code development, especially SAP AppGyver, and has written dozens of tutorials for SAP Conversational AI. Previously, he managed SAP's portfolio of developer tutorials, and before that wrote user focused help documentation for SAP Enterprise Portal and a dozen other products. Daniel enjoys to prepare veal scallopini, and is the co-chief umpire of the Israel Association of Baseball.


Michelle Moudy new

Michelle Moudy

Michelle is focused on Frontend UI topics; particularly topics like Fiori Fundamentals, React/Angular, and Luigi. Her previous role was a frontend developer working with React and Redux. While frontend is her current preference, she is also experienced in backend work. Michelle loves working with all things fiber arts, to the point where she has run an Etsy shop in the past for knitting, crocheting, and cross stitching.

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

Vitaliy focuses on all ways developers are collecting data and turning it into value using the SAP Business Technology Platform. His main interests are in big data and fast data technologies, IoT, analytics, and data visualization. Before joining SAP, he worked as a technology consultant in Europe and in the U.S. Vitaliy is a visiting lecturer at WSB University in Wrocław.


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