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SAPUI5 creating a new UI5 control

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SAPUI5 creating a new UI5 control
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SAPUI5 creating a new UI5 control


10 min.
Part 3 of 4. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple UI5 Control.

You will learn

You will learn how to extend controls in your application. In the below tutorial you will create a controller to generate and validate text-based captcha for your Login Preview App.

  1. You have to add a new control for the text-based captcha. This controller will help you create a new control and extend it in your application, in your index.html file between the scripts tag below your previously extended controls add the following


    This line will allow you to extend the Control from the ui.core library.

  2. You must define the extended Control by adding metadata to it. Control metadata consist of properties, events, as well as aggregations and associations. Also under the metadata are the init and renderer functions for initializing and rendering elements. In this step you will just declare what you are going to use. In the same index.html inside the sap.ui.core.Control.extend().

        metadata: {
            aggregations : {},
            events: {}
        init : function()
        renderer: function(oRm,oControl){}

    properties are used to give the control title, height, width and is defined by a name and type. aggregations are defined by name and their configuration object. events consist of the name of your event which you are going to call. The init function is used to declare the initial elements to be loaded.

    The renderer defines the HTML structure that will be added to the DOM tree of your application whenever the control is instantiates in a view. It is usually called initially by the core of SAPUI5 and whenever a property of the control is changed. But in this step you will leave it empty.

  3. Now you will create an object of the extended control and place the object created in your content. Do this below the defined control. Remember you are going to place this in a new div so after you add the object also add the new div with id="content_3" in the body tag.

      var oo = new extendController({});
      <div id="content_3" style="padding-left:5px"></div>
  4. Add the following fields just above your div content_3 in the body tag.

    <input type="text" id="mainCaptcha"/>
    <input type="text" id="textInput"/>

    These are the InputFields which you are going to use along with your controllers.

  5. Your final code will look like this


  6. Now to run the code, right-click on the project file and select run as Web App Preview.


In the next Tutorial you will define all the functions to extend and add logic to your program.

Next Steps

Next Steps


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