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Onboarding a computer as the IoT thing

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Onboarding a computer as the IoT thing
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Onboarding a computer as the IoT thing


Onboarding a computer in SAP IoT Application Enablement as the thing

You will learn

You will learn how to onboard your computer as the IoT thing for collecting sensors data from it.

Step 1: Open SAP IoT Application Enablement Launch Page

Go to and follow the instructions on the page to get a user and a password on the landscape used for this tutorial.

Open in the web browser. Use the user id provided to you and not your email address to login.

Launchpage with Thing Modeler
Step 2: The `computeriotdevice` package

Open the Package Manager application.

A package serves as a container for thing-related objects, such as thing types, things, property sets, properties, or event types.

The shared package computeriotdevice has been already created for you. You can search for it.

The package
Step 3: Thing property sets in `computeriotdevice`

While in the Package Manager click on the Open in Thing Properties Catalog icon of the computeriotdevice package.

Open in

The property sets have been already preconfigured for you. The package contains three property sets among them:

  1. Default of the type Basic Data - with one property common_name
  2. resource_sensors_2 of the type Measured Data - with one property cpu_usage and another one called cpu_type

The property cpu_usage is what we want to measure and has

  • float data type,
  • percentage unit of measure.
Step 4: Thing type `generic_computer_3`

In the Thing Properties Catalog click on the Thing Modeler (the button is in the lower right corner).

In the Thing Types pane you will see generic_computer_3 thing type defined with:

  • Basic Data properties from the Default set,
  • Measured Values properties from the resource_sensors_2 set.
Step 5: Add your computer as a new thing

From Thing Type overview for generic_computer_3 click on the New Thing.

New Thing

Populate the name computer_[userid] and the description [Name]'s computer of the newly created thing.


  • Authorization Group: laptoptutorial
  • Select Provider: SAP Cloud Platform IoT Service for Neo Environment
  • Account: a2667617c

These values will create the device in SAP Cloud Platform account a2667617c using IoT Service for Neo Environment.


Click Save. After a few seconds the new thing will be created and its technical device id and authorization token for the API calls will be displayed. Copy these values using your mouse and control-c/command-c.

technical ids

This authorization token is displayed only once!

Step 6: Configure your new thing

You have created your first thing, which is a digital twin of the real device, like your computer in this case. Congratulations!

Now it’s time for a few configuration activities.

Firstly, update the master data of the thing. Go to Basic Data of your thing. Expand Default category. Provide the common name, like computer’s name, in the Value column of the property common_name.

To find the computer name you can type command hostname in its terminal.


Click Save

Save master data

Secondly, set the alert thresholds for CPU usage. Go to Measured Values. Expand resource_sensors_2 category, then cpu_usage property.

Set upper value to 45, and uppermost to 90.

Optionally, you can scroll to Image and add a picture of your thing.

Image of the thing


Step 7: Review Thing Modeler user guide

You can find the official user guide at > End-User Information > Thing Modeler Apps (REST version)

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