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Create theme for your Portal freestyle site
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Create theme for your Portal freestyle site


Create and customize a theme and then import it into your Portal freestyle site.

You will learn

  • How to create a theme
  • How to customize the theme
  • How to publish the theme

A default theme, provided by SAP, is assigned to each Portal site. You can create a custom theme in the UI Theme Designer, and then use the Theme Manager to import it so that you can assign this theme to the site, or make it available for user selection.

Step 1: Save the site URL
  1. Navigate to the Site Directory in your SAP Cloud Platform Portal Admin Space.
  2. In the Supplier Portal site, navigate to Services and Tools and select the UI Theme Designer tool.
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Step 2: Create a theme
  1. Launch the UI Theme Designer as follows:

    1. Click on Services and Tools in the left side panel.
    2. Hover over the UI Theme Designer tile and click Configure to open the designer in a new browser tab.
      If a message appears, you can click OK and ignore it.
      Launch UI Theme Designer

  2. Create a new theme as follows:

    1. Click Create a New Theme.
      Create new theme
    2. For Base Theme select SAP Belize and click Step 2 to proceed.
      Base theme
    3. Enter the following values:

      Field Value
      Theme ID velotics
      Title velotics
      Theme values

  3. Click Create Theme.

A new theme named velotics is created as a copy of the SAP Belize theme with the custom properties that you entered.

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Step 3: Customize the theme

To design and modify the theme, you need to first define a Target Page that will serve as a canvas upon which you can perform these changes. You will then use the quick theming mode to easily change color scheme, background image, or logo.

  1. Enter the Link to Application. This is the runtime URL of your site that you copied previously.
  2. Click Add to create the target page.
    Add target page
  3. From the panel on the far right, select the paint brush icon to switch to quick theming.
    Quick theming
  4. Change the company logo by clicking on the right of the Company Logo field.
  5. In the Assign Image dialog, click on the left to open the file system browser.
    Assign image
  6. Select the logo-velotics.png image file from our resources. Notice that that image has been added to the list of available images.
  7. Click the image to select it.
  8. Click OK to apply your changes. Notice that the change has been applied and the icon has changed.

    To apply the new theme to your Portal site, you will need to publish it from the UI Theme Designer and then apply it from the Portal Theme Manager.

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Step 4: Publish the theme
  1. In the Theme Designer top level menu click on Theme and then Save & Publish.
    Save and Publish
  2. From the Save & Publish dialog, verify the theme parameters.
  3. Click Save & Publish to publish the Velotics theme.

    Publishing the theme might take several moments.

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Step 5: Apply the theme to your site
  1. Open the Site Designer of your site.
  2. From Services and Tools launch the Theme Manager.
    Launch Theme Manager
  3. Click OK on the message.
  4. Notice that the velotics theme that you created and published is available in the site’s Theme Manager.
  5. Select the velotics theme.
  6. Click Assign to Site.
  7. Click Publish to publish the latest changes.
    Publish changes
  8. Click Publish to only apply the changes. Select Publish and Open to publish your site and review the latest changes you have made to your site.
    Publish and Open
Using the UI Theme Designer, what changes can I make to brand my site?

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