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SAP HANA XS Advanced - Package your MTA application for transport
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SAP HANA XS Advanced - Package your MTA application for transport


10 min.
Transport your XS Advanced application for transport

You will learn

This tutorial will show you how to migrate your Multi Target Application into another server

Step 1: Build your MTA application

Right-click on your project and select Build


You will see a file downloading from the browser. Take note of its location

Step 2: Download and upload your MTA application

Export the .mtarfile into a local directory in your computer:


Upload the *mtar file to a suitable directory.

Upload file GCP
Step 3: Deploy the MTAR file

As a user with the proper permissions, for example, hxeadm if you are using SAP HANA, express edition, execute the XS CLI.

Notes: If required, login to xs first using command xs login. Additionally, If you have created a user-provided service, you will need to create it with the proper xs cups command first.

Use command xs deploy followed by the proper file:

Deploy from CLI

Make sure it finished successfully:
Deploy finished

Step 4: Check your application

You can now check the services have been deployed using XS services:

Deploy finished check

And the application using xs apps in the corresponding space (for example, development in HANA express edition):

Deploy finished check

Next Steps

Next Steps

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