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Add custom fields to a standard SAP Fiori app

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Add custom fields to a standard SAP Fiori app
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Add custom fields to a standard SAP Fiori app


This tutorial shows you how to add custom fields and view elements to a standard SAP Fiori app.

You will learn

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a view element with custom fields to a standard SAP Fiori app. The app that you will extended in this tutorial is “My Opportunities”. The key steps are:

  • Find data in the OData service to be displayed
  • Start the extension using the extension pane in SAP Web IDE
  • Implement extension coding in SAP Web IDE
  • Test the app

Step 1: Log into the SAP Fiori Demo Cloud Edition

Please make sure that you have worked through the tutorial Getting started with the SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition. Log into the SAP Fiori Demo Cloud Edition and locate the group CRM. Click on the My Opportunities tile.

Fiori launchpad group CRM
Step 2: View the Standard app

Open the Standard app and familiarize yourself with how it appears.

Step 3: See data provided by the My Opportunities OData service

Open your browser’s developer tools (Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari ( and Internet Explorer. In the developer tool switch to the network tab.

To determine which data is provided by the My Opportunities OData service, you can view the network traffic. In the My Opportunities app, touch on the next opportunity from the list on the left which will send a request. Then check the response in the developer tools network tab. The example below is from Firefox:

My Opportunities app
Step 4: View JSON as XML

As Chrome does not display the data in a JSON format, you can right click and then choose Open Link in New Tab

Chrome - Open Link in New Tab

You will see a nice display of the XML returned by the OData service and you can determine the data which is not yet displayed:

Step 5: Compare the XML with the app view

Comparing the XML with the app view, you will see that there are two fields not yet displayed in the “Info” tab of the application:

  • SalesOrganizationDescription
  • DistributionChannelDescription

You will add these two fields to your application.

Step 6: Start the extension

To start this extension click on the gear wheel icon on the top right beside your name and choose Develop Apps:

Options menu
Step 7: Launch SAP Web IDE

You will be forwarded to a screen called “Create App Extension” where you find instructions for the next steps. Click the Launch SAP Web IDE button. You may have to click this button twice as the new tab may remain empty on the first attempt.

Create App Extension

Log in when prompted.

Login to the SAP Cloud Platform
Step 8: Specify project name

On the next screen specify a Project Name, you can use the default name provided.

Extension Project Name
Step 9: Open the Extensibility Pane

Open the “Extensibility Pane” via Tools > Extensibility Pane.

Tools > Extensibility Pane

Open the node opportunityInfoTabContentTopExtension in the Outline pane on the right.

Step 10: Extend view

After the selection click on Extend > Extend View/Fragment:

Extend > Extend View/Fragment

A confirmation dialog box will appear. Please confirm that by clicking on Open Extension Code:

Open Extension Code
Step 11: Replace generated code

Replace the generated code with:

<ui:form.SimpleForm xmlns:ui="sap.ui.layout" id="opportunityID_form_clone">
	<Label xmlns="sap.m"
	<Text xmlns="sap.m"
	<Label xmlns="sap.m"
	<Text xmlns="sap.m"

Save your edits.

Step 12: Run the app

To test the application, right-click on the project name and choose Run > Run as > Web Application:

Run > Run as > Web Application
Step 13: View Sales Organization and Distribution Channel details

In the Info tab of the Opportunity detail screen you should now directly see the information about Sales Organization and Distribution Channel:

Extended app with ales Organization and Distribution Channel

Congratulations, you’ve successfully extended an SAP standard Fiori app.

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