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Create a food database in SAP HANA Express Edition
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Create a food database in SAP HANA Express Edition


Create a database instance on SAP HANA Express Edition and enable its Document Store

You will learn

In this tutorial series, you will create a simple food app running on SAP HANA Express Edition. In this first tutorial, you will create a new database, and enable the Document Store.

Step 1: Login to database

Log in to your SAP HANA Express Edition virtual machine with the hxeadm user, and once logged in, type the following at the prompt:

hdbsql -u SYSTEM -d SYSTEMDB -i 90

and press Enter.

When asked for the password, provide the password for the SYSTEM user and press Enter. You are now logged in to the SYSTEMDB database.

System database
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Step 2: Enable the Document Store

While still logged on to the SYSTEMDB database, perform the following command at the prompt:


and press Enter to execute. It may take a couple of seconds to complete.

Now, the Document Store is enabled on the default HXE database tenant. Use quit to exit the SQL console.

System database
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Step 3: Create a Document Store Collection

In order to store any documents, you need to create a ‘Collection’. This is similar to a table, but without any column information.

To add the collection to the Document Store, you need to log on to the HXE database first.

At the prompt, enter the following command:

\c -u SYSTEM -d HXE -i 90

and after you are successfully connected to the HXE database, execute the following statement:

CREATE COLLECTION food_collection;

The Document Store is now enabled and ready to use.

When you create the collection, what does the statement return?

Next Steps


  • SAP HANA Express Edition 2.0 installed
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