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Add a Custom Fiori App to a Launchpad Page

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Add a Custom Fiori App to a Launchpad Page
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Add a Custom Fiori App to a Launchpad Page


Add the Product List transaction app to your SAP Fiori launchpad page and configure a dynamic tile to launch it.

You will learn

  • How to add an application from the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack development environment to your Portal Fiori Launchpad pages
  • How to configure a dynamic tile to launch your application in a Fiori Launchpad
  • How dynamic tiles display live indicators retrieved from a back-end system through OData endpoints

Step 1: Open SAP Web IDE Full-Stack
  1. In the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, click Services in the left panel and open the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack tile.

  2. From the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack- Overview page, click Go to Service.

  3. Click the Development perspective.

You’ve opened your development environment, notice that the 3 applications you imported earlier (videodialogplugin, productlist, supplierlookup) are available in your workspace.

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Step 2: Register Product List app to launchpad
  1. Select the productlist app folder from the SAP web IDE Full-Stack Development workspace.

  2. Right click and select Deploy > Register to SAP Fiori Launchpad

    Register to FLP in Web IDE

    The Register to SAP Fiori Launchpad wizard dialog is opened.

  3. In the General Information tab enter the application description: List of products from ES5 Gateway and click Next

  4. In the Tile Configuration tab enter:
    • Type = Dynamic
    • Title = Inventory
    • Subtitle = ES5 products
    • Icon = Select any icon
    • Collection = Select the Products OData Collection
    • Number Unit = Products
    Configure Dynamic Tile in Web IDE
  5. Click Next

  6. In the Assignment tab - assign the tile/app to
    • Site = Supplier Portal
    • Catalog = Everyone
    • Group = Company Products (this is the Group you created in the previous tutorial)
  7. Click Finish

    Dynamic Tile Assignment

    The app and tile configuration are registered in the Supplier Portal Fiori Launchpad page. Once registration is complete a Successfully Registered dialog is opened.

  8. Click OK to close the Successfully Registered dialog.

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Step 3: Preview changes in Portal Site Designer

Switch back to the SAP Cloud Platform Portal Admin Space in your browser tab.

  1. From the Portal Admin Space, open the Supplier Portal for edit in the Site Designer.

    Open Site in Site designer

    If the Site Designer is already opened in your browser, refresh it to apply the latest changes you performed in the SAP Web IDE.

  2. From the top-level menu click on the Preview icon to preview the latest changes.

    Open Site Preview

    The Supplier Portal site is opened in the Portal preview environment in a new browser tab.

  3. In the Preview Environment click on the Transactions menu item from the Supplier Portal menu bar to navigate to the new Fiori Launchpad page.

    Preview FLP

    Notice that the Fiori Launchpad contains the new Inventory dynamic tile you configured in the SAP Web IDE and that the number of products value is retrieved from the ES5 Gateway system.

  4. Click on the Inventory tile to open the productlist application.

    Product List App Preview
What actions can developers perform when working with the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack?

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