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Create an Analytical List Page Report
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Create an Analytical List Page Report

Create an analytical list page with charts and tables for flexible ad-hoc analysis of actual costs and statistical key figures.

You will learn

  • How to create an analytical list page report

Step 1: Log into SAP Fiori launchpad

First you need to log into the SAP Fiori launchpad.

  1. Double clicks on the Remote Desktop icon on the taskbar of your windows desktop.

    Fiori Launchpad login preparation
  2. The Remote Desktop Connection gets open and you are redirected to the SAP FIORI Launchpad.

    You should see this page:

    Fiori Launchpad login continue
  3. Login now with your user and password

Your user is S4HANAPUT-XX where XX is your desktop number. Your password will be given to you by your instructors.

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Step 2: Execute the Report Workspace

In the SAP Fiori launchpad, go to group Report Design and double-click the app Report Workspace.

Launchpad apps
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Step 3: Get started with report creation
  1. After you have successfully executed the App Report Workspace, the below window gets open.

    Apps on the Fiori Launchpad
  2. In the Report Workplace window, click on the + Add on the bottom left toolbar to create your report as depicted below:

    Create Report
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Step 4: Maintain report parameters

Maintain the fields on the window as following:


    Replace XXXX with your initials

  • CDS View: Query created in the previous tutorial, and then select OData Service and Entity Set from the value help.

    If you did not create your own query, you can use:

    Field Name Value
    OData Service /sap/opu/odata/sap/ZC_APSEMTAGSTATISTICAL_CDS
Maintain parameters
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Step 5: Activate report
  1. Click Activate and Add Evaluation.

    Please activate before save. If not you would have to return to the Edit modus again !

  2. Click on local object as transport request.

    Transport request
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Step 6: Create report evaluation
  1. Set the field Evaluation to ZAPSEMTAGSTATISTIC_XXXX.

    Create Report Evaluation parameters
  2. Set Scaling Factor under Report Data Source to Auto, and Decimal Precision to Auto.

    Create Report Evaluation Data Source
  3. Maintain the following fields of the Input Parameters and Filters as follow:

    Field Name Value
    To-Period 7
    Category ATC01
    Fin Statement Version L000
    Fiscal Year 2018
    Controlling Area A000
    Create Report Evaluation Input Parameters
  4. Click Activate.

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Step 7: Explore report details
  1. On the Report Workspace screen, select your report on the left, by marking the entry in My Last Worked On.

  2. The details of your report are shown on the second column of the Report Workspace screen.

    Report Workspace Explore
  3. Click Publish Report.

    Report Workspace Explore publish
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Step 8: Publish and configure report tile
  1. In the Publish Report screen, as shown below:

    Publish and Configure Tile

    click Add Tile.

    Publish and Configure Add Tile
  2. Maintain the following fields:

    Field Name Value
    Subtitle 2018_XXXX
    Semantic Object CostCenter
    Action analyzeALP_XXXX
    Maintain configuration tile
  3. Click Save and Configure Drill-Down. The Drill-Down Configuration Details screen opens, showing an empty screen with the message No drill-down has been configured.

    Maintain configuration tile save

Replace XXXX with your initials!

What is the name of the Semantic Object you maintained ?
Step 9: Configure report drill-down

Select your report on the left by selecting the entry in My Last Worked On section. Details of your report are shown on the right.

Configure Drill-Down report

Click Configure.

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Step 10: Configure charts
  1. Select the dimensions to be shown on the chart axis (e.g., Cost Center), and then click OK.

    Configure Charts

    A bar chart similar to the one below is shown with dummy data

    Configure Charts Dummy
  2. If you want, change the chart type to explore.

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Step 11: Maintain chart properties

Set the field View Title to By Cost Center and click OK. The left panel is hidden, and the chart is shown in full screen mode.

Configure Charts Properties

A new toolbar is added on top (in the right corner).

Configure Charts Properties cond’t
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Step 12: Configure table

Click + on the top right to configure the table.

Configure table

A Select screen with dimension fields opens, similar to this:

Configure table Dimension fields

The Measure Amount in Glob Crcy is selected by default.

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Step 13: Select dimensions and measures
  1. In the Select screen, check the dimensions and measure fields as on the picture below.

    check table Dimension and Measure fields
  2. Click OK to validate the fields selection. A screen similar to the one below showing the configured table details is displayed.

    Display table Dimension and Measure fields
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Step 14: Maintain table details
  1. Set the View Title field to By Cost Center and click OK.

    Maintain View Title
  2. The left panel is shown full screen and a new toolbar is added on top.

    Dispay View Title
  3. Click Save Configuration.

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Step 15: Preview table and charts
  1. On the left is the All Active Evaluations panel, and on the right shows the preview of your chart and table. Switch between them with the drop-down list box.

    Preview Table and Charts
  2. Switch the drop-down to show:

    • the chart
    • the table
    Preview Table and Charts contd

You have now completed the configuration of your analytical list page.

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Step 16: Execute report
  1. Return to the SAP Fiori launchpad, click on the Me icon (top-left corner next to the SAP logo). The Me area opens on the left.

    Report execution
  2. Click the App Finder to open it.

  3. Search for ZZ1_APSEMTAGSTATISTIC_XXX (top-right corner). The tile for your report will be displayed or look for it under the catalog Catalog TechEd AppSpace

  4. Click the tile to start the report.

  5. The analytical list page shows up with a chart and table as you have configured in the previous step.

Your Analytical List Page Report shown up with:

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