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Internet of Things (IoT) Check your data

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Internet of Things (IoT) Check your data
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Internet of Things (IoT) Check your data


Part 4 of 10, Check your SAP HANA tables for the newly added data

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Checking the data you have inserted is simple. in this section you will view the data in the catalog and work with a few SQL queries.

Step 1: Launch catalog

Launch the Catalog by clicking the Link button in the editor and choosing Catalog which will open a new window.

Catalog selection
Step 2: View schemas

This window will show all the SCHEMAS for which your user has access. Unroll the Catalog folder, unroll the folder with your name (e.g. JOHNDOE, then Tables.

Step 3: View data inserted using Postman

From there right-click and select Open Content which will display the data you have inserted via Postman.

Open Content

Depending on how many POSTs you sent, your screen will look similar to this:

Display Content
Step 4: View SQL statement

When you selected Open Content, the system executed the following SQL command to display the data:

FROM "JOHNDOE"."CODEJAMMER.johndoe.myiot::mydata.Data";

To view the SQL window, click the Edit SQL statement button.

SQL console
Step 5: Get record count

To see how many records there are (handy for later), you can modify the SQL to something like:

SELECT count(*)
FROM "JOHNDOE"."CODEJAMMER.johndoe.myiot::mydata.Data";

Which will show these results:


You’ll only have as many records in there as you added with Postman, but after you insert data directly from the Tessel, you can return to this and section and check again.

Next Steps

Next Steps

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