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Deploy gamified HelpDesk application to SAP Cloud Platform
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Deploy gamified HelpDesk application to SAP Cloud Platform

Build HelpDesk application in Eclipse then perform a standalone deployment to your SAP Cloud Platform account.

You will learn

In this tutorial, you will retrieve the gamified HelpDesk application from GitHub, import it to Eclipse and deploy it to the SAP Cloud Platform. From within the cloud platform, you will then configure the authorization settings for your gamified application by assigning appropriate roles.

Step 1: Download the gamified HelpDesk app

Download the ZIP file of the sources of the gamified HelpDesk application from GitHub.

Download Zip

Extract the archive to your local drive.

Step 2: Import project

In Eclipse, switch to the Java EE perspective.

Choose File > Import > Maven > Existing Maven Projects

Create Maven Project

Navigate to the folder in which you extracted the GitHub archive, and choose Finish.

Build Maven Project
Step 3: Set up the Java Web runtime

Set up the Java Web runtime environment in Eclipse:

  • Choose Window > Preferences
  • Scroll to Server, select Runtime Environments and click Add
  • In the New Server Runtime Environment dialogue box, select SAP > Java Web and choose NextSet Up Java Web Runtime Environment
  • Select Use Java Web SDK from the following location, confirm or browse to the location of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK, and choose Finish

  • In the Preferences window, choose OKSet Up Java Web Runtime Environment
Step 4: Run on server

Back in the Project Explorer, right-click on the helpdesk project and from the context menu choose Run As > Run on Server.

Run Project on Server

Select SAP > SAP Cloud Platform as the server, verify as the Landscape host, and choose Next.

Define Server
Step 5: Name your application

Name your application helpdesk, select the Java Web from the Runtime menu and verify that the values in the Account name, User name, and Password fields are accurate. Choose Finish.

Name Application on Server
Step 6: Select the HelpDesk application

In your Web browser, open the cockpit of the SAP Cloud Platform. Select Java Applications from the left-hand navigation and you should see the helpdesk application listed. Once the application is fully started, click on the name of the application.

Select HelpDesk Application
Step 7: Assign role

Select Roles from the left-hand navigation, select the helpdesk role, and assign your user to it.

Assign User to Role
Step 8: Launch the app

Select Overview from the left-hand navigation and click on the URL provided under Application URLs to launch the application in a new browser window.

Application URL

If configured correctly, your browser should open the following page:

Successfully Launched HelpDesk Application

Next Steps

Next Steps

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