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Setup IoT for Neo environment in SAP Cloud Platform

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Setup IoT for Neo environment in SAP Cloud Platform
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Setup IoT for Neo environment in SAP Cloud Platform

Enable and configure the IoT for Neo environment in SAP Cloud Platform

You will learn

You will learn how to enable and configure IoT service in SAP Cloud Platform Neo environment. This procedure assumes you are using the trial account of the SAP Cloud Platform, but will work with the production account as well.

Step 1: Log into SAP Cloud Platform Neo trial

Go to the SAP Cloud Platform Neo trial edition log in.

This tutorial assumes you have signed up for a trial account already.

Step 2: Enable IoT service

Once you log in, click on Services in the left-hand navigation bar, scroll down to find Internet of Things tile and click on it.


Click on the Enable button. After a few seconds the page will update and show Enabled.

Enable Service
Step 3: Go to IoT Service Cockpit

Once the service is enabled click the Go to Service link and a new browser window will open with IoT Service Cockpit.

Access Service
Step 4: Deploy Message Management Service

With IoT service enabled, you can begin the steps necessary to configure your device’s digital twin and to enable message communication.

The first step will be to deploy and to configure the Message Management Service (MMS). Click on the Deploy Message Management Service tile.

Enter in your information in the fields, where your account ID is your p-number (or s-number if you are SAP’s customer or partner, or i-/d-number if you are SAP employee) with the world “trial” (no space between the p-number and trial) and your user name is just your p-number.

Deploy Service
Step 5: Go to IoT MMS application dashboard

Once successfully deployed then Java application iotmms is started in your account.

Return to the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit view and click on Java Applications in the left navigation bar. You will see the new iotmms application you just deployed. Click on the iotmms link to display the IoT MMS dashboard.

Deployed application
Step 6: Assign IoT MMS user role

With the IoT MMS dashboard displayed click on the Roles link in the left navigation bar. Select the IoT-MMS-User (click the empty cell next to the Name to select the row if it is not highlighted in blue).


Then under Individual Users, click Assign and enter your SAP Cloud Platform user ID (e.g. your p-number without the word “trial” on the end).

Assign Role

Once user is assigned to the role, stop and start iotmms application.



Step 7: Review official documentation

Next Steps

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Next Steps

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