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Create a Supplier Portal

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Create a Supplier Portal
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Create a Supplier Portal


Create a new site based on a content-rich site template and modify its initial content.

You will learn

  • How to access the SAP Cloud Platform Portal Admin Space
  • How to start building a new Portal site using an existing site template
  • How to perform basic content modifications

To build the Supplier Portal, we will create a new site from a content-rich site template. We will add our own content and applications to this site to customize it fit our needs.

Step 1: Access the Portal admin space
  1. Login to your SAP Cloud Platform Trial account

  2. Click Services from the left panel to open the services available for your subaccount.

  3. From the Categories dropdown list, select User Experience to see UX-related services.

  4. Click the Portal tile to open the service overview page.

    Create site
  5. In the Portal – Overview page, click Go to Service to open the Portal.

The Portal Admin Space opens in a new browser tab and you can start creating your portal solution.

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Step 2: Create a new portal site
  1. From the Portal Admin Space, select Site Directory from the left side panel.

  2. Click on the + tile to open the Create Site wizard.

    Create site
  3. Name the site Supplier Portal.

  4. In the Template Source list select SAP.

    The site templates provided by SAP are displayed in a gallery of tiles.

  5. Click on the right side arrow to navigate to the end of the site template list in the gallery.

  6. Select the Marketing Site as your site template, and click on the Create button.

    Choose template

The new site instance is created and opened in the Site Designer in a new browser tab.

The Supplier Portal you created is based on which SAP Cloud Platform Portal site template?
Step 3: Edit page content
  1. From the list of pages available in the site, click on the Contact Us page to edit its content.

  2. The Contact Us header is displayed using a Web Content widget. Click the widget to expose its menu action items.

  3. Click the Pencil action item to edit the widget content.

    Edit Header widget
  4. In the Edit Content dialog, enter the new title Contact our Suppliers and enter a subtitle.

  5. Finally, click Save.

    Enter new header text

The content of the Web Content header widget is modified

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Step 4: Modify site menu
  1. From the left side panel, click the menu icon to open the site menu editor.

    Open Site Menu Editor
  2. Double-click on the last entry named Contact Us from the list of menu items to open the text for edit.

  3. Enter the new value Contact Our Suppliers.

    Enter new header text
  4. Click Save.

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