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Run and Test a Streaming project
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Run and Test a Streaming project


Run your streaming project on the SAP HANA streaming analytics server. Use the test tools in Eclipse to send some events to the input stream and view the output. Confirm that data is being captured in the HANA database

You will learn

  • How to run a streaming project
  • How to use some of the streaming test tools in Eclipse. Specifically: how to view the output from streams and how to use the manual input tool to generate an input event

Step 1: Run the Project

Go to SAP HANA Streaming Development perspective.

Click the drop down arrow next to the Run button and select the streaming server to run this project.

run the project

You will be switched into the SAP HANA Streaming Run-Test perspective if the project deploys successfully.

If you get an error message saying that the project didn’t start, first check for compile errors. If it’s compiling without errors but still won’t start, see the Streaming Developer’s Troubleshooting Guide.

Step 2: Open viewers on the streams

Double-click on MACHINEDATA to open it in the Stream View.

Note: You won’t see any data, because we haven’t loaded any data yet.

go to stream view

Do the same for the ACTIVITY_HIST stream to also open it in the Stream View tool.

open all tables
Step 3: Use the manual input tool to generate some input events

Click the Manual Input tab. In the default perspective layout, this is in the lower left tile.

Now click Select Stream tool to connect the manual input tool to your freezer_monitor project as shown below (the red box).

click manual input

Click on MACHINEDATA and then click OK.

choose project

Fill in some values to create an input event.

  • Enter any value for MACHINEID
  • if the “Use Current Date” checkbox is selected it will fill in the EVENT_TIME automatically using the current time
  • if you set the EVENT_NAME to DOOR it will pass through the filter and appear in ACTIVITY_HIST; any other value will not
  • the EVENT_DESCRIPTION field can be anything you like
  • set the EVENT_VALUE to either Door Open or Door Close

Then click Publish button to send the event.

fill info

View your event in the Stream View tabs. Keep in mind that ALL input events will appear in the input stream, but only events where EVENT_NAME=DOOR will appear in the ACTIVITY_HIST stream.

You can also view the ACTIVITY_HIST table in the HANA database to see that any events that appear in the ACTIVITY_HIST stream get recorded in the connected database table.

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