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Import Tables and Large Datasets (XS Advanced)

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Import Tables and Large Datasets (XS Advanced)
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Import Tables and Large Datasets (XS Advanced)


Import SHINE sample tables and data using SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA.

You will learn

This tutorial will guide you through the process of downloading sample data and database artifacts and importing it into SAP HANA using SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA.

If you are looking to import the entire SAP HANA INteractive Education model for XS Advanced, follow this tutorial instead:

Step 1: Download the archive

Download the file from our public GitHub repository.

Step 2: Import Archive

Import the archive into the data folder. This will probably be src\data. Right-click on the folder and choose Import->From File System:

Import from file system

Browse for the downloaded file, keep the Extract archive flag and click on OK.

Import from file system

Confirm that files with the same name will be overwritten

Step 3: Purge duplicates and Build

Delete the files FLIGHT.hdbcds, header.csv, item.csv and load.hdbtabledata (if available) to avoid conflicts during build:


Build the db module:

Step 4: Check the imported entities in the Database Explorer

Formerly known as HANA Runtime Tools or HRTT in previous versions, the Database Explorer allows you to see the database artifacts you create in the different HDI containers. Use the middle icon on the left sidebar or from the menu, Tools->Database Explorer:


In SPS12, the HANA Runtime Tool was accessed from https://<hostname>:51006 or, for SAP HANA, express edition. from http://<hostname>:51018

Use the + icon to add a database container into the Explorer.


Locate your HDI container and add it. You will find it as a concatenation of your user ID and the name of your project.


Once added you can see the tables and their content.


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